A Small Business Guide To Flexible Budgets

The other three columns can list different output levels as well as changes in variable costs based on output. A flexible budget can be a useful resource for business owners struggling to properly budget around variable costs. If you manufacture products, see how a flexible budget can help your business.A flexible budget is a budget that is created using a specific cost or formula. Flexible budget analysis focuses on the accounting principle of management by exception. Financial managers need to understand the exact reasons that expenses were more or less than expected.

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In this article, we’ll unpack the five most commonly used business budgeting methods that you can use to help you increase profits, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of each. As you can see, using a flexible budget provides a good way to account for significant changes in activities which were not incorporated in the original budget. The budget to actual analysis using the flexible budget numbers is more A Small Business Guide To Flexible Budgets meaningful and easier to interpret. Expenses that are not necessary for the operation of your business, but would be nice to have, like education, or costs that can increase profitability, can be found here as well. These are discretionary expenses, which can also be included in your variable expenses fund. While there is not specific equation or formula for the flexible budget, it uses the same basic method.

Tips for creating and maintaining flexible budgets

A flexible budget can be found suitable when the business conditions are constantly changing. Accurate estimates are expected from if the resources are available with the experts. A big organization should hire experts to prepare a flexible budget and to help their organization make a clear vision about what output should be produced to achieve the targeted profit. For example, agricultural activities, wool-based industries, etc. Budget reports can be a useful tool for evaluating a manager’s effectiveness only if they contain the appropriate information.

  • The fixed costs stay the same, while the variable costs are used to create budget scenarios.
  • If the factory works hrs in a particular month, the allowances @ $0.61 will come put to be $9,760, which is not correct.
  • Prioritize paying off high-interest debt, such as credit card, student loan, or personal loan debt.
  • Helps in estimating budgeted costs for each level of activities.
  • 46% of small businesses and startups left behind without a budget.
  • That way, you know you have a process that is ready for whatever lies ahead.

You can add all those sources of income together to find out how much money comes into your business each month. Alternatively, you can boost Advertising and Promotions costs in your budget to increase total sales if you think you can’t figure in any more profit margin out of your business.


For example, information on tax deductions, incidental expenses, and IRS related policies. Here are a few possible causes for your current overspend, and our top five ways to control your company’s corporate travel budget. The first step is to try and ascertain how much money you https://simple-accounting.org/ can spend on business travel without jeopardizing other essentials such as rent and payroll. This budget can be re-casted on the basis of the activity levels. We have noticed that the recovery rate (Budgeted hrs/Total expenses) at the activity level of 70 % is $0.61 per hr.

  • Typically, flexible budgets are determined as a percentage of different company performance measures.
  • A budget is a detailed plan that outlines where you’ll spend your money monthly or annually.
  • It allows you make smart financial decisions by tracking how much money you bring in and how much you spend.
  • Using this budgeting process is more effective since it provides a realistic outlook on the projected budget.
  • Lower-level employees feel more involved and may have more personal interest in the budget plan and the company as a whole.