“This victory is a testament to the strength and courage of Latinxs and immigrants in Wisocnsin,” said Chriistine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera.

We held 8 community forums statewide where our members voted to mobilize for a two-day statewide general strike if this bill moved forward. We organized four statewide days of action at the Capitol, and we formed critical alliances with the Wisconsin Farmers Union, an important rural voice against this bill. Politicians knew that our community is strong enough to unify and use our collective economic power because we beat a similar bill in 2016 through the Day without Latinxs and Immigrants general strike. In 2017 we organized two strikes which blocked ex-Sheriff Clarke’s Milwaukee County 287g application. The immigrant community knows the importance of their economic contribution, and is willing to use that power to stop cruel policies that would tear families apart.”

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Wisconsin Assembly Ends Session without Passing Anti-Sanctuary Hate Bill