It really depends on your hardware and what you intend to use the software for. For creators that have a decent computer and want to use their content outside of live streaming too, Streamlabs is the way to go. Free countdown timer for OBS livestreaming, a countdown timer does exactly what it says on the tin.

  • Of course, you can set the time of the timer individually, but it has to be said that it should not be that long.
  • Streamlabs is a live stream software and Twitch bot packed with all features essential to running a professional broadcast.
  • This item features “one-click” setup, the fastest way to install alerts and widgets.
  • Now that all your accounts are selected, you can configure some basic settings, such as auto connecting on launch, showing viewer count in console, setting up channel currency, etc.
  • OBS allows you to record a video and stream it to social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • As the name suggests, this is where you can organize your Stream giveaways.

To change the font color, font, and size of your newly created text source, you can simply open the source menu by double-clicking on it. There you can adjust various settings and customize your Streamlabs Countdown. Now your scene is set up and your Streamlabs countdown is running.

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If you want to take your Stream to the next level you can start using advanced commands using your own scripts. Twitch now offers an integrated poll feature that makes it soooo much easier for viewers to get involved. In my opinion, the Streamlabs poll feature has become redundant and streamers should remove it completely from their dashboard.

How do you get LiveSplit on Streamlabs?

Add LiveSplit to Streamlabs Desktop

Under sources, click on the plus sign to add a new source to your scene. Then select “Window Capture.” Name the Window Capture (“Timer” is a good choice for clarity) and then select “LiveSplit” for the selected window.

It just stops the countdown if I move it to the background and then it starts where it paused at when I go back into the app. Once the player selects a level, they are taken to the game screen. The game screen displays a scrambled image puzzle, along with a timer and a score counter.

Stream Countdown Timer Overlay – “Ace”

Information – name, Game account, password, birth date, number. Communication chat section with our Employees. Message me for Flutter and Figma Design page links.


Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox. Lastly, you can make the boss fight your own by adding unique messages. Click on the small ranking icon to determine your players’ stats. You can have different stats for each type of viewer. It’s great to have all of your stuff managed through a single tool.

Customizable alerts & more

To be the #1 stream overlay template provider by 2025 because all streamers deserve to have their streams look professional. Historical or funny quotes always lighten the mood in chat. If you have already established a few funny running gags in your community, this function is suitable to consolidate them and make them always available. You can define certain quotes and give them a command.

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As per the stats, streamlabs timers and Streamlabs are the most used platforms among gamers. Now that we have shared the ease of use and added features, we advise you to choose the platform that meets your requirements. OBS offers various features that can be used while recording a video or live streaming. Although it can eat up a lot of CPU and GPU power, but it lets the users set the quality of the stream to match their hardware’s capacity to avoid buffering. Fancy a bit of variety during the livestream?


You can easily set up and save these timers with the Streamlabs chatbot so they can always be accessed. AFK or countdowns can also be set up using a timer. OBS, XSplit, and Streamlabs are used to record and broadcast videos and are known as the best live streaming platforms, and these outlets provide a robust set of features for everyone.

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This is not about big events, as the name might suggest, but about smaller events during the livestream. For example, if a new user visits your livestream, you can specify that he or she is duly welcomed with a corresponding chat message. This way, you strengthen the bond to your community right from the start and make sure that new users feel comfortable with you right away. But this function can also be used for other events. An own currency – the dream of every streamer? The currency function of the Streamlabs chatbot at least allows you to create such a currency and make it available to your viewers.

Stream Countdown Timer Overlay – “Arctic” – Blue & White

That should be you all set up with your stream timer. If you’re using the same type of timer each time you stream you will not need to keep pasting it into your scene every time. Just click Done when you’re ready and your timer will appear inside your stream.

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There are unlimited customization options, including a large color palette and a number of fonts, allowing you to make countdowns that properly match your overlay. A list of all possible customization features may be seen in the configurator. Timers can be an important help for your viewers to anticipate when certain things will happen or when your stream will start.

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Create text overlays, countdown, timers, animated banners and use them for free. All ideas and requests write on our FB page, please. Having a countdown timer is a great way to build up the hype for your stream. To set up such a timer, you need another small program called Snaz in addition to the classic Streamlabs tool. This is a very simple software solution that allows you to insert your timer into a Streamlabs scene.

  • The quality of a live stream can make or break the viewer’s experience.
  • Direct live streaming is a piece of cake, but using other live streaming tools to create a striking live stream could be a bit challenging.
  • Some streamers run different pieces of music during their shows to lighten the mood a bit.
  • The right will be empty until you click the arrow next to the user’s name or click on Pick Random User which will add a viewer to the queue at random.
  • Now you can search your PC for suitable images and add the image to the scene.
  • Streamlabs offers streamers the possibility to activate their own chatbot and set it up according to their ideas.

OBS is an open-source recording and live streaming software for PC. It is considered the best streaming software for gaming. OBS allows you to record a video and stream it to social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Streamlabs is a live stream software and Twitch bot packed with all features essential to running a professional broadcast. With the chatbot, you are able to moderate your chat, reward your viewers with loyalty points, add timers, and commands. A countdown timer allows you to broadcast your live video with your various audiences and entice them to return to watch.